Elegant Semi Frameless Shower Screen

6mm toughened glass door and fixed glass panels with aluminium framing

Frameless Shower Panels

Use 10mm toughened glass with minimal fittings

Sliding Frameless Shower Screen

Uses 10mm toughened glass

Sliding Frameless.jpg

Semi Frameless Shower Screens

Framed on the outside with a frameless door. Uses 6mm toughened glass.

Semi Frameless 4.jpg

Frameless Shower Screen

Frameless panels that just give a clean aesthetic to your bathroom. Uses 10mm toughened glass.


Ocean Bathing - feature wall with frameless panel

A stunning picture of the ocean is the backdrop for this shower

Shower Wall - Beach

Frameless Shower Screens on the Central Coast

Do you want to enhance your bathroom? One way to do so is with shower screens. At Exclusive Glass Products, we offer a wide range of shower screens, including frameless shower screens, for homes on the Central Coast.

What shower screen is right for you?


Are you unsure what type of shower screen is right for your home? We offer all types of options to better accommodate you. Currently, you can choose:

  • Frameless shower screens: Without the frames, your shower door will look sleeker and cleaner as a result. We reinforce these shower screens with 10mm toughened glass.

  • Semi-frameless shower screens: If you’re somewhere in the middle between framed and frameless, semi-frameless is the perfect mix. It comes with 6mm toughened glass.

  • Fully framed shower screens: Framed shower screens are affordable and offer good protection against leaks. You can find a lot of great style options as well.

  • Sliding doors: If you enjoy sliding instead of opening your shower door, we offer convenience and durability with our sliding door products.

  • Feature walls: Want to enhance the wall of your shower? Take yourself away from the cares of the world with a beautiful feature wall.

With shower screens, you can choose colours such as black, white, bright natural and matte natural. If you prefer a different colour, this is possible but may take longer to make and install.

Why choose us?


The bathroom is an important room in the house. We want to ensure you have a quality space where you can relax from the stresses of the day. We strive to provide that space with quality materials, accurate measurements, superior installation and cutting-edge technology.

If you want to learn more about our shower screen products and services, please call us on 02 4322 6977. We look forward to helping you!